How To Kiss A Man So That He Falls In Love

Women are always on the search for the ultimate kissing technique. If you are one such lady, you are in luck because here you will learn how to plant a kiss that he will be unable to stop thinking about you and ultimately fall in love with you. The kissing secrets discussed here are those that you will never learn from the guys.

Here are 7 tips for kissing a man that he actually falls in love with you

1. Juicy Lips

Nothing is sexier that a juicy pair of lips. Men are by their very nature visual creatures who literally respond on impulse when it comes to what they see. Guys are usually hypnotized completeHow to kiss a man Reviewly by visual marketing and nothing does it better than lovely lips. Use a shade of lipstick that looks great on you and don’t fear hyper-glossing them and he won’t get enough of you.

2. Relaxing

34 muscles of the face are engaged in a good French kiss and it even burns calories in the process. You should avoid getting into the kiss with a stiff face. After all, a kiss should be all about luxury and never a workout. You need to relax when you are getting into the kiss and ensure that you allow him to press in on you more than the other way around.

3. Receive The Kiss Like A lady

Men love chasing women both figuratively and literally. The game is quite simple: women run, and men chase, women allow men to catch them, then they run away again. When you are kissing a man, you should still play the game either using your tongue or your lips. Make it a point to break off the kiss frequently. Doing this will drive the man with desire since it is like being denied an addictive drug.

4. Using Your Teeth

If you ask any woman that knows how to kiss a guy, she will tell you that you need to use the lips. This is definitely true and you require the lips to kiss him. However, if you only use that you are giving much less sensation than you should. It is quite straightforward to use teeth while kissing a man. You can try nibbling softly on his lips, squeezing the top or bottom lip between teeth, or you can slowly run teeth over the lips for varying sensations. However, be careful when using teeth not to bite him that it hurts.

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5. Sucking on Him

It is perfectly okay to suck on the guy’s skin gently. The important thing is to ensure that you start out in a way that you like you are trying to mark your territory. Men and women are both extremely adverse to hickeys. Men believe that hickeys are more about claiming him and less about play and could therefore kill the mood quickly. Take everything slow although you are allowed to bite his lip a bit.

6. Kissing Other Places Besides the Lips

Women almost always only focus on the lips when it comes to kissing. However, doing that only translates to missing out on the rest of the erogenous zones on his body that he would love to be kissed. You can kiss him on the cheek if you are sick and tired of simply focusing on the lips. If you find that not being enough, you should consider burying your neck in his neck then start massaging, sucking, and kissing. You can even try kissing and licking his ear softly if you want to focus on a different zone.

7. Applying Body Pressure

One of the most sensual parts of a great kissing session is when a woman presses and rubs with her body in the right way on a man’s body. The occasional press of a woman’s breasts or hips against a man’s body can drive him wild with desire. One misunderstood part is how to use the hands to accomplish this. You need to hold your arm back from time to time as if you are restraining the man. This will make him feel subdued and turns into an impulse to start chasing again. One of the best dynamic sexual energies that you can play with is the role reversal of supplicant to aggressor.How to Kiss a Man to Make him Fall in Love

Final Thoughts

Kissing is an art and while many people assume that all women know how to kiss, this is not the case at all. The 7 kissing tips discussed here will keep your man coming back for more. He will continue fantasizing about the next time he will be with you again to hold you in his arms and whisper the 3 magical words every person loves to hear “I Love You”. However, don’t forget that it takes lots of practice before you become good, so happy kissing!